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Kultursekretariat NRW Gütersloh
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1.5.6(08-11-2023)Latest version
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Description of NRW Skulptur

The NRWskulptur-App presents a constantly growing selection of outstanding art in public spaces, which not only get their money's worth for those interested in art, tourists and (cycling) hikers. The latest version of the app now also has a sculpture radar that can be used to find all the listed works of art in the vicinity at the push of a button. In addition, push notifications will now provide information on news about art in the public space of NRW on request.

In addition to impressive art from the period after 1945, the app also provides route suggestions as well as a lot of information about the individual works and artists. Those who are interested can easily be guided from sculpture to sculpture with the suggested routes. Interesting information about the sculptures and their meaning are therefore available either directly on site or in advance when planning the route. Public art, which often receives too little attention in the parks and squares of cities, comes to the fore through the app. The sculptures, which were installed with great financial and organizational effort, process elements of the location in an architectural, historical or aesthetic way. The art project of the Kultursekretariat NRW Gütersloh is supported by the funding program “Regional Cultural Policy” of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The visitors not only experience outstanding art that was previously unknown to them, but also learn something about the urban framework, society and the cultural and political climate of the place. The app opens up the world of art in an uncomplicated and interesting way for everyone - even for art lovers who were previously undiscovered.

NRW Skulptur - Version 1.5.6

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NRW Skulptur - APK Information

APK Version: 1.5.6Package: net.nrwskulptur.nrw_skulptur_app
Android compatability: 5.1+ (Lollipop)
Developer:Kultursekretariat NRW GüterslohPrivacy Policy:https://nrw-skulptur.net/impressumPermissions:11
Name: NRW SkulpturSize: 20 MBDownloads: 0Version : 1.5.6Release Date: 2024-06-09 12:26:31Min Screen: SMALLSupported CPU:
Package ID: net.nrwskulptur.nrw_skulptur_appSHA1 Signature: 2F:11:29:3A:7D:0A:A7:A8:D2:47:8D:7D:C3:78:59:DE:FC:38:B4:1BDeveloper (CN): AndroidOrganization (O): Google Inc.Local (L): Mountain ViewCountry (C): USState/City (ST): California

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1.4-betaTrust Icon Versions
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